0 to 100 yards in 30 Seconds!

Choose from a lineup of three models to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a sport fishing boat owner, a retail bait and tackle shop, or a weekend angler, we have a linewinder that will save you money or make you money. And save you time!

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HD140 SC125 MD100
Spinning Reels
Bait Casters
Conventional Reels Unlimited Penn 70 or equiv
max & wide
Penn 30 or equiv
Fly Reels
Line Test Maximum Unlimited 120 lbs 80 lbs
Quick Reel Interchangeability
In-Line Spool to Reel
Variable Speed 0-1600 RPM 0-1800 RPM 0-1800 RPM
Drive Spindles 2 1 1
Motor Spindle Torque 140 in/oz 125 in/oz 100 in/oz
Overload Protection
Digital Counter
Line Stripping
Adjustable Bearing Brake
Level Wind Mechanism
110 Volt
220 Volt
Full Tehnical Support
2 Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions (inches) 23.5x19x21 23.5x16.3x8.5 21.5x16.25x8.5
Weight 80 lbs(110V)
90 lbs (220V)
40 lbs 40 lbs

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